06 March 2007

The Desert of Einfuhlung - Epilogue

As they sat on the bench in the TARDIS Control Room a little while later, Saskia offered the Doctor a small gift-wrapped package.
"What's this?" he asked with a smile, turning it over and over in his hands.
"It's an unbirthday present," Saskia answered.
He glanced up. "An unbirthday present?"
"Well I don't know when your birthday is, and since you're always whizzing back and forth to the past and the future, who knows what the date is in here anyway? So I decided to designate today as your unbirthday and this is your present."
He gave her one of his dazzlingly wide-eyed smiles that always reminded her of a small boy. "Thank you," he said. "Can I open it?"
Saskia raised her eyebrows. "I believe that is the point of a gift," she answered with a smile.
She'd expected him to rip the paper off willy-nilly, but he surprised her by removing it carefully and methodically. Inside the package there was a dark coloured wooden picture frame, and in the frame, written in a flowing script, was a poem. He glanced up to see Saskia watching him intently.

"It's for you and Rose," she said. "The poem is a famous one from the Second World War era of Old Earth. It was allegedly given to a young female spy before she went to France, for her to memorise and use as a 'code poem' for encrypting and decrypting messages. I came across the poem a couple of years ago and it stuck in my head, as almost everything does. I wrote it out for you. The frame is one that Dr Karg made for me a few years ago. I know he wouldn't mind me giving it to you."
The Doctor looked down at the poem, then up at Saskia. "Will you read it to me?" he asked.
She nodded and quietly recited the poem aloud to him:

"The life that I have
Is all that I have
And the life that I have
Is yours.

The love that I have
Of the life that I have
Is yours and yours and yours.

A sleep I shall have
A rest I shall have
Yet death will be but a pause.

For the peace of my years
In the long green grass
Will be yours and yours and yours."

He looked at her, his dark eyes shining with unshed tears. "It's perfect," he whispered, then put his arms around her. She held him for some time as he sobbed, finally letting himself express his grief at losing Rose. When he eventually stopped crying, Saskia gently kissed his forehead, and he straightened up. "Let's find somewhere quiet to spend a few days relaxing," he said.
She nodded and they began to fiddle with the TARDIS controls, working as a team.


Kirstie said...

Fantastic story! I loved the twist - it was a real shock. You've really got the Doctor's voice right, I can hear DT saying the lines in my head!

Michele said...

Thanks very much, Kirstie ! I'm glad that you enjoyed it...

Andrea said...

Interesting story! I liked your development of Saskia's character here and the ending made me cry...

Michele said...

Thanks ! I'm not sure if I should apologise for making you cry - but I'm glad that you found it moving as that was the intention !

skippy said...

Awwww Sass, that was *sniff* beautifull, B A Utifull as Jim Carey said in Bruce allmighty....

Michele said...

Thanks very much "skippy" !