20 February 2007

New Companion, Old Earth - Epilogue

On a fine February day two men sat talking in a room in Magdalen College, Oxford.
"You know, Tollers," said the younger man, breaking the silence. "I've been thinking about that couple we met the other night."
His friend looked at him, eyes bright with curiosity. "I've been waiting for you to mention them, Jack."
"Do you think they really were time-travellers?" Jack asked.
"I do," answered Tollers. "There was something about them that made me believe them. But you saw their ship. Why are you doubting them?"
Jack shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe because it seems like something out of a story, something that Wells might write."
Tollers nodded. "We might write such stories ourselves," he pointed out.
Jack's face brightened. "So we might. I'll toss you for it. Heads, you write a space travel story, tails you write a time travel one."
He pulled out a coin and flicked it into the air.
"Tails," called Tollers, his voice firm and clear for once.
Jack caught the coin and looked down. He began to laugh. "You win," he said, showing him the coin on his palm, and Tolkien joined in his friend's laughter.


Andrea said...

In the words of *my* favourite Doctor, "fantastic"! *g* Lots of good elements, like your use of imagery, the epilogue is fun and I can't wait to read the next story :-) (no pressure!)

Michele said...

Good job I've got another story brewing then, huh ?! *g*

Thanks for your comments - and for taking the time to read it. Glad that you enjoyed it, too...

Anonymous said...

Not too bad if this is your first.

It was a little soapy.Sort of day time TV drama rather than true DW. I'd kill the romance aspect if I were you. It didn't sit too well with the TV series and it's not what DW is really about.

I'll now read the second and see what i think.

A bit of friendly advice. I would change the companions name if i were you as it is currently quite obviously a play on the user name you use on various forums plus the fact you style yourself as a scholar - Saskia Scolere = Sass the Scholar.


Michele said...

Thanks for your comments Spooky. There's going to be the romantic element in the stories - it may not be what Classic Doctor Who was about, but it's definitely part of New Who - I don't think 21st century audiences will believe that a single man and a single woman travelling together aren't going to end up being at least a little attracted to each other...